Tis the Season of Greed and Gluttony!

It’s that time of year, folks! The time of year when everyone is telling you or asking you, perhaps, what it is you want.

I want pie!

I want a PS4!

I want legos!

I want that special casserole!

I want the new Barbie dreamhouse!

I want I want I want I want I WANT!!!!!!

FFS it’s enough to make you crazy! For the next 6 weeks you can expect to be bombarded with ads and commercials pushing material things and edibles in your face and down your throat until you’re blue in the face. Never fear! You can survive with your waistline and sanity intact!!


I’ll tell you. It’s a simple matter of willpower. You choose to go against the grain. Yeah you’ll be shunned, booed and potentially made fun of but this is exactly when you need to buck up and stick to your guns. Put on your big girl panties and say “I refuse to sucked into the idea that things and decadent calories define the holiday season! My goals are more important than one meal or this party or this one event,” With regard to the material things, there are a gazillion alternatives these days with donations in others names, homemade DIY type options or FFS write something on a pretty piece of paper that comes from the heart and give it to a loved one. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, and certainly not much even if you do, to embrace the spirit of the season of gratitude and love.  

If the cookies don’t get baked, it’s ok. If you miss taking the kids to Santa this year, that’s ok. If the cards don’t make it into the mail on time, it’s ok. If you can’t make it to mom and dad’s this year, that’s ok too. Pick your battles.

Point is, it is entirely possible not to lose your shit in the holiday hustle and bustle.  Make sure you stay focused on your own hustle. Let your crazy aunt be the one to get drunk and embarrass herself this year, not you. Let everyone else complain about how they ate too much and need a nap, not you. Let someone else take credit for going over the top in the gift giving this year, not you. Get back to the true meaning of the season.  

I’m not suggesting you abstain from the holiday jollies. My goodness no! Go eat a cookie! Drink the wine! Watch Nat’l Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation 14,000x (I certainly do)! But I believe the holidays are all about time management. You can have your holiday cookies and eat them too.

Volunteer. Find a cause. Be a voice. Support SMALL business (not just amazon). Make someone smile with words and actions, not things. I like to make things and cook things. That is my love language. Sure a box from amazon is convenient but it doesn’t define my love or appreciation for that individual. What does? Think about that person. Where did you meet? What is it they really love? What lights them up? What’s their true passion? Feed that! Not just a thing on a shelf that 8 million other people will have. This approach also applies to kids. Trust me. Think about it. It works!

When it comes to food, it’s ok to throw things away or take that unopened tin of cookies and give it to someone else. Or take it to a community pantry! Sure you want a little of everything so do that. But you don’t need more than a couple bites. You don’t have to hate yourself after each holiday meal or event. Having a hangover is NOT ok. That is so hard on your body and, quite frankly, it deserves better. Staying in control of yourself and your body is important. Don’t make an ass out of yourself. YOU deserve better. Maintain integrity and self respect. Love yourself during this holiday time too. Be kind to yourself and you’ll find it a lot easier to be kind to others.


Carrie Giordano