Motivation can be an elusive unicorn at times but it can be found almost anywhere. Where’s yours? And your excuses are bullshit.

This is a blog. It is my blog. I can say what I want with no apologies (well, I’m human. I’m sure there are bound to be some).  This is not suitable for work or children. It is direct, unfiltered, not sugar coated and raw as it comes. There are places you can go in this world to be coddled, to be reassured, to be held and spoon fed.

This ain’t the place.

There are people who will wipe your tears, tell you it’s all gonna be ok, console you on your mistakes and shortcomings, and justify your desire to quit.

That ain’t me.

I’m going to tell you to get up and get off your ass. That every day is a choice. You prioritize your shit on a daily basis and decide what you have time for and what you don’t. You choose to be happy or wallow in your own misery. You have a life to live and spending time and energy on negative people, on bullies behind keyboards, in negative places feeding someone else’s greed, holding onto guilt, anger, fear and doubt is NOT living.

You are given this incredible body and brain. Sure it may not be perfect but I promise you there are those in this world that would sacrifice much to have what you have. If you don’t like something, change it. If it can’t be changed, work around it. Find a way. But don’t waste it and don’t trash it. Don’t spend every day stuffing your body and your mind with trash, aimlessly sitting, typing, hoarding shit you think you need to impress people who don’t even know you exist. Fuel your body. It was created and designed to do amazing things! Don’t starve it with empty calories and sedentary lifelessness. The body thrives on movement and natural fueling. The mind will follow.

If you think you can’t, you’re wrong. And you gotta block out the noise of the exterior. The “no you can’ts” and the “I’d like to see you try’s” and the “that’ll be the days”. It’s all noise. You don’t need to allow that shit in. You are in charge. You are in control. You decide. You choose. You can toe the line and finish the race. You can start the project and finish before the deadline. You can pull on your resources and build that prototype. Or whatever the case may be, you CAN!

But you have to believe. The abilities of the mind are fathomless. Your power is fathomless. You can dig deeper than you thought possible. You can suffer through worse. Maybe you already have. The point is, it’s possible. Whatever “it” is. Dig deep. Push through. Get out of that damn comfort zone. It does nothing for you. You’re stronger than you think. But first you have to get off your ass.


Carrie Giordano