Ironman Is A Honey Badger

If you have never seen the “Honey Badger” videos on YouTube, please stop what you’re doing and go watch them. Holy crap. So fucking funny. You’re welcome. If you have, then please continue….

Honey badger don’t care and guess what, Ironman doesn’t either. Now I don’t want to pigeonhole myself into a triathlon blogger. There are plenty of those out there. All shapes, sizes and varieties. But I DO want to talk about how unforgiving certain things can be and no matter what you do, other things will get in the way. BUT! Leading up to that thing, you MUST do your due diligence in preparation. That means getting up at the ass crack of dawn when you don’t want to. That means having hard conversations with those you love because there are long days ahead of your being gone and/or completely exhausted. That means long days will lots of nutrition prep, bottle washing, smelly, soaking wet clothes and eating everything not nailed down. That means questioning everything: Why did I sign up for this? What was I thinking? Who gives a shit about Ironman anyway? Why do I do this to myself? But it also means finding depths in yourself you had no idea existed. Your power is fathomless.

Whether you’re doing and Ironman, a half iron, a 5k, a massive work project, a home project or planning an event (I can go on with the examples), you make a decision, you formulate a plan and you execute. You may want to quit at times. You WILL want to quit at one point. But quitting is not really an option. I mean...let’s be real here. We live in a world and society where everything is disposable. EVERY fucking THING! People, relationships, jobs, phones, cars, everything! No one invests in anything for the long haul anymore and it’s sad. Even time spent at a degree in college seems to be disposable all too often. My degree in all its gold leaf printed and framed glory sits on my floor in my room collecting dust and it’s worth tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of hard work and it has yet to earn me one dime. But my self education and online certifications have lead to other paths now earning me a living. But I digress…..

My point is, while everything is indeed disposable and you most certainly can walk away from anything and quit. However, in an effort to better your life, better yourself and build character, you DO NOT fucking quit. You can scream, pout, mope, whine and cry about it but you do not quit.

My tri team has a hashtag that has seemed to catch on of #noquit. This is one of the cornerstones of our philosophy in triathlon but also in life in general. Life is precious and incredible and beautiful and short. Ask anyone who has ever experienced tragedy, loss, injury, or major setbacks out of their control and they will tell you, quitting was an option and is ever present, sometimes downright haunting, but not the path they were meant to take. Anyone who has ever battled mental health (a condition I am so happy is finally starting to get the attention it so desperately needs) will say the same, especially anyone who is or ever has been an addict. How quitting, even life, often seemed like a soft place to land and more appealing than this reality. THIS is utter and complete bullshit. Lies we tell ourselves and maybe even others say to us when things get down and hard, But we must not relent.

See, what I’m learning in my training for my upcoming event is that Ironman (or insert any daunting task or obstacle to overcome) doesn’t fucking care. Ironman will be there to greet me with the open arms of its gauntlet whether I’ve put in the work or not. Whether I’ve trained, sat on my ass drinking beer and eating donuts, listened to my coach and followed instruction to the letter, not listened and cut short or cut out completely workouts I know I needed to nail because it was easier and I was “tired” (in quotes because tired and tired can all too often be two totally different things). It’s ok that life rears its head and calls us away from our goals and projects at times. We need that break to care for our families, jobs, homes, ourselves (please please please do not underestimate the power of self care: a massage, a pedicure, retail therapy, whatever), and to acknowledge the importance of it in our lives. We must nurture these things throughout because they will remain when Ironman (or whatever) is over. Just don’t lose sight of it. It can be pushed to the side but remain in the peripheral. In your practice or training or whatever, other aspects of life stay on your mind, even in the peripheral. Do the same when your focus shifts elsewhere. Because Ironman is a honey badger, and honey badger don’t care.

Time management. Prioritize. Choose wisely. Keep things in check. Double check. Plan. Make it happen. Be open to change. Be flexible. BUT REMAIN FUCKING VIGILANT!! #noquit

Carrie Giordano