Commitment. I’m not talking about relationships. That’s a whole different can of worms I’m not getting into. I’m talking about saying you’re gonna do something and actually doing it. Committing to a thing you actually know will take work, effort, planning, and need to be executed well. No plan is flawless. Something can always happen. But to execute to the best of your ability...that’s what I’m referring to.  

I believe there are certain things we retain from childhood, whether it was good or bad, that we carry with us our whole lives. Life lessons that affect the way we live our lives, make our decisions and treat others.  One of those for me was commitment. I was taught from a very young age that committing to something was incredibly important. I was a very active kid and wanted to try a LOT of different sports and activities and every time I tried something and didn’t care much for it, by God my parents paid for it and I was gonna suffer through what they paid for before I left it behind. Kudos to my parents for allowing me to try so many different things growing up but MAN! I must’ve been a royal pain in the ass. That’s ok. I’m paying for it now with sons. But I digress…

Here’s the thing, commit to a dinner, commit to a household chore, a ride, something small and arbitrary and it’s no biggie if you bail. Commit to a project, one you know will take time to complete, require your talents and skills, and could potentially be life changing? That’s real commitment. And that’s what I want to talk about.

You see a dream, a goal, a proverbial mountain you want to climb, a challenge. There are many ways to traverse said challenge and maybe, just maybe you actually see the potential for personal growth in said challenge. Or maybe it’s a bucket list item you simply want to check off. There’s nothing wrong with either of these. The approach to them though can be radically different. A challenge or goal may have a stricter time line and not as flexible in your ability to prep for it. A bucket list item can be tackled when there’s time and financial ability to, but still require proper planning, prep and potentially training. That all being said, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is. If you say you’re going to do something, fucking DO IT! And I don’t just mean sign up, book a flight, make reservations or a few phone calls to line a up a few key elements. I mean begin the work that is required and give it 100%. Otherwise why did you bother?

Why would you waste your time, energy, talents and skills on something you only plan to do half ass? Do you truly want to just finish? Or do you want to OWN IT? Make your mark, put your stamp on it, tell the world not only did you do it but you CRUSHED IT! I am not just addressing my racing community here (an assumption I’m sure many folks are making). I’m referring to anyone who wants a big scary goal in their lives. Weight loss, work project, race, school paper, getting that degree or certification that could change the course of your life and/or career, getting the promotion you want...whatever it is, it’s not impossible. You CAN do it and you CAN make a show of it and you CAN own it. But you have to COMMIT to it. And not just the goal, the process. That’s 95% of the struggle- the process.

The process is grueling, stressful, hard, painful, messy, brutal, unforgiving and unrelenting and if you let up for a moment, your carefully built, yet unfinished house of cards could collapse. Don’t start over!! Stay the course. But how will it affect other aspects of my life? What about my family, my partner, my loved ones, other things that require my attention? Well, that’s a good question. I don’t know. I DO know that before you commit to said challenge, you have the HARD conversations. You tell those it could affect that it’s coming, that it’s something you want and that you need them on board. If they aren’t on board, you need to accept that THAT IS OK!! Your goals and dreams are not for everybody and not everyone will stick around to watch you crush them. Their reasons are irrelevant and their own and should not affect you in your pursuit of happiness and/or completeness.  You need to realize this going in. Have the conversations that may involve a good bye and KNOW that’s a possibility. But have them. Don’t ignore or be in denial about how your goals may affect other aspects of your life. Tell them that you may be gone, you may be irritable, cranky, frustrated, tired, and obsessed in your pursuit. You may not. It’s your journey and if they are willing to stick by you, to love you in spite of your struggle, it will be that much more worth it. They will understand. They will jump up screaming “YES! GO!! I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to watch you kill it!” Those are your people. Maybe they say all that then add “And how can I help?” That’s the icing on the cake. But maybe not. Maybe they just say go and say they’ll be there when you’re done. Maybe that’s how they show their support. That’s ok too. And you have to be prepared to go it alone. Commit anyway.

You get this one shot at this life. Don’t get caught up in the noise and obsession with amassing monetary wealth. LIVE! What makes you happy? What fires you up? What makes you feel alive?? Do THAT! Whatever it is. Have a dream, make it a goal, formulate a plan, do some research, start aligning the pieces in your favor, have the hard conversations, step up to the door, the precipice...JUMP!! Commit to it 100% and don’t relent. Like baking a cake. Don’t skip over measuring and eyeball it. You may still end up with cake but it will be shit. Don’t skip steps like no flour or sugar or baking soda or flavoring. Then it will taste like shit. Don’t set the oven to a degree above or below what the recipe says. You’ll fuck it up. You’ll end up with dry sawdust cake or raw dough. Bake the whole fucking thing. Make it the best damn cake you can. Then put your spin on it (that’s the icing and decorations!). Then DEVOUR IT!!!!

Commit to the dream. Commit to the process. Commit to the results. Results you envision and you KNOW are possible. But you won’t get any of that if you half ass your commitment to it. Smash! Slay! Crush! Cause remember, when you commit to this dream, process and result, you’re making a commitment to yourself. And you’re fucking bloody well worth it!!

Carrie Giordano